Strength Science

Ingenious Support in the use of training technology, VBT Methods and Big Data Analysis

An ecosystem developed to track strength performances in a team environment

Starting with the Italian National Soccer Team in 2014, Beast Technologies developed an ecosystem to track Strength Training in real time. The technology has been scientifically validated and patented. Starting form the Weight Room, we help Professional Teams worldwide in optimising their performances to earn more wins.

Real-Time Workout Motivation

Setup of technology to implement instant live feedback in the team environment

Optimization through Big Data

Apply Velocity Based Training methods to each session and to periodization

Perfomance Analytics and Engineering

Custom data reports delivered for each athlete by our engineers


Beast strength lab

At Beast Strength Labs we offer a range of services with the goal to maximize the knowledge on your athletes, leveraging the objective feedback of data at the edge of todays training science. As an Athletic Director, Strength Coach or Head Coach, you’re at the command and will be empowered with actionable data, quickly and without interfering in your workout routines.

Velocity Based Training


Optimal athletic profiling

Injury prevention